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Success Guide

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Dynamic Product Ads (or DPAs) are some of the best-performing ads for advertisers. Easy to set up, these ads can be used for both retargeting and prospecting. Learn more.

On Meta, you can set up DPAs by choosing “Catalog Sales” under Conversion as your ad objective, then set up your audiences and budget.

On Socioh, the process is even simpler. You can use our Sales Recovery campaign under our ready-to-use Retargeting Campaigns to retarget BOF shoppers already in your funnel. We automatically suggest your best audience based on your store’s traffic.

For prospecting, look under the Prospecting Campaigns under the Campaigns tab, and select the DABA (Dynamic Ad, Broad Audience) campaign. Super easy to set up, this campaign is great to help you scale your ad spend.

Combine your dynamic ads with Socioh’s Branded Catalogs to create a catalog or product feed that you get complete control over. Not only does Socioh automatically exclude products that are sold out, but you can also edit your catalog design to keep up with your brand and promotions — all without losing campaign learnings.

TIP: DABA works best when you already have data in your Pixel and your ad account. The more data you have, the better DABA campaigns can perform.

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