How do I connect to Socioh for reviews in your DPAs?

Here’s how you can connect to Socioh:

1. Go to the “Catalogs” tab on the left side and then click on the “Create New Catalog” button.

2. Select any of your review mapped templates from the “My Templates” section. In the next screen, select “All products” and then click “Next” (bottom left).

3. A popup will appear asking you to connect your review platform to Socioh.

4. Select from the first drop-down.

5. You will now need to fill in these fields.

To find the values, head to your Settings page and click on the Developers button on the left side.
Visit your Shopify dashboard -> Apps -> -> Settings and you’ll find the Developers button.

Simply copy the domain, Public token, and Private token & paste them in the Store Domain, Public Key, and Private Key fields on Socioh.

6. Click “Connect” on Socioh and that should be it.

Give it a while to import the reviews and meanwhile, drop us a message and let us know that you’ve connected it.
Next, leave the catalog creation and start a new catalog – you will see the reviews mapped and ready.

Here’s a guide to edit the reviews you’ve just imported.

If you’re stuck at any step here, do let us know and we’ll help you out! 🙂