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How do I edit product reviews on Socioh for dynamic review-mapped Branded Catalogs?

Can I edit the reviews for individual products?


Edit individual product reviews by clicking on the 3 dots on each card, and then "Edit review" when editing an existing catalog or making a new one.

Edit or change the review for each product.

Hit "Done" below to save your changes.

Can I add reviews to products that don't have a review?


Click on the "Manage Reviews" button on the bottom left of the catalog preview screen.

On some screens, you may have to scroll down to find the option.

Use the search bar on top to look for specific products.

I have 100s of reviews for a product, how do I find the one I want to use?

At the moment, the best way you can do this is by visiting the product page, finding the review you'd like to feature, copying the review, and then pasting it into our editor.

Can I exclude all products that don't have a review?

Yes! You can exclude all products with review with a single click.

Use the "Exclude products without reviews" button to remove them.

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