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Success Guide

Install Socioh with a private app API key on Shopify

If you're an agency or a consultant installing Socioh on a client's store, you may want to white-label our app.

In this case, you can install Socioh on a Shopify store using a private-app admin API key.*

*Note that you will need access to the store's Shopify logins to do so.

1. Click on “Add Shopify Shop” when you click on Login/Sign Up on Socioh.com:

Adding an eCommerce store to Socioh

2. Now, on the pop-up you see, choose the “install Socioh using private key” option instead of entering your url:

Install Socioh using a private key

3. After this you’ll see a popup where you’ll have to enter private key information. To fetch this, login to your store on Shopify and click on “Apps” in the left-hand menu:

Fetch your private key information from Shopify

4. Now scroll to the bottom of the page that you see and click on “Manage private apps”:

Manage private apps, Shopify

5. On the next screen click on the Create Private App button:

Create Private App, Shopify

6. On the next screen, add a name for the app (if you’d like it to be different from Socioh), an email for correspondence and then in the next section for Admin API, click on “Show inactive Admin API permissions”:

Other permissions to install Socioh, Shopify

7. Here, please ensure that the API key has read, or read and write access to the following, as shown in the screenshot below:

Read, write or read and write access,  Shopify
  • i. Analytics: read access only
    View store metrics
  • ii. Customers: read access only
    View or manage customers, customer addresses, order history, and customer groups
  • iii. Inventory: read access only
    View or manage inventory across multiple locations
  • iv. Marketing events: read and write access
    View or manage marketing events and engagement data
  • v. Orders: read access only
    View or manage orders, transactions, fulfillments, and abandoned checkouts
  • vi. Price rules: read and write access
    View or manage conditional discounts
  • vii. Products: read and write access
    View or manage products, variants, and collections
  • viii. Shop locale: read access only
    View available locales for a shop
  • ix. Themes: read access only
    View or manage theme templates and assets
  • x. Translations: read access only
    View or manage content that can be translated

8. After you’ve enabled read and write permissions for all the fields above, scroll to the bottom of the page and “Save” these settings.

9. Then you’ll see this prompt to confirm that you'd like to proceed. Click on the "Create App" button to fetch your private key information:

Create private app confirmation, Shopify

10. Now return to Socioh and copy the corresponding entries against your Shop Name, Private/API Key, Password and Shared Secret on the pop-up to install your shop via a private key:

Fill in the private key info on Socioh

11. This will complete the process and you’ll now be able to access Socioh’s dashboard.

If you run into issues, make sure to double-check with the store’s managers that you have all the required permissions on Shopify. Please contact us over email or use the chat icon on the bottom right corner of your Socioh dashboard if you continue to face issues.