What are full-funnel campaigns?

A full-funnel marketing strategy (or full-funnel campaigns) refers to comprehensive marketing efforts that build awareness, consideration, and purchase simultaneously.

While this could mean a strategy that covers all channels and brand touch points — social media channels, email, organic and offline distribution, and sales, for the purpose of clarity, this article will focus only on full-funnel ads on Meta.

If you’re advertising on Meta, Socioh’s ‘Campaigns’ tab has all the campaigns you need – from retargeting campaigns for the BOF and MOF to prospecting campaigns that combine a mix of prospecting (or TOF) audiences.

Don’t know where to get started? Here’s a basic setup if you’re new to running ads.

If you’re already running ads but are planning a sale or promotion event in your store, Socioh’s “Sales & Promotions’ campaigns offer a full-funnel setup to target both new and returning customers.

Our consolidated campaigns are designed with multiple ad sets and use settings that give Meta the widest audiences to choose from. Meta will automatically spend more on the ad sets that are performing, so you don’t have to guess which audience will. Perform better.

TIP: Wondering about budget distribution for your full-funnel strategy? We recommend spending 25-35% of your ad budget on retargeting.

What is a marketing funnel? Why do you need a full-funnel sales strategy?

Visualize your brand audiences (or shoppers) as a literal funnel.  Think of the top of the funnel (TOF) —  where there’s the most volume — as the start of your sales funnels. This is where you target a broader audience, or shoppers with generalized interests, to spread awareness about your product(s). This is known as prospecting.

Then comes your middle of the funnel (MOF). Here, shoppers who are now aware of your brand are considering whether or not to buy from you. (Re)targeting this audience with more information about your offering and why they should buy from you (as opposed to other brands) at this stage helps you find your target audience — or those shoppers who show higher intent to purchase.

As your shoppers move down to the bottom of the funnel (BOF), they have had multiple touches with your brand and show high intent to shop from you. Running retargeting ads that incentivize purchases can give you more conversions.

When it comes to advertising on Meta, a full-funnel campaign strategy ensures that you strike the right balance between prospecting and retargeting. While you do not want to spend all your budget on prospecting, or making people aware of your offering, too narrow a focus on retargeting can also cause your funnel to empty out as your ads will not drive new traffic to your store.

Using Socioh’s full-funnel campaigns ensures a healthy mix of prospecting and retargeting audiences.

NOTE: Socioh’s default settings for ads use the ‘Conversion’ objective as your Optimization Goal and ‘Purchase’ as your Conversion Event on Meta. This is done to ensure that Facebook sends only those shoppers who have shown a tendency to purchase to your website. However, you get full control and can change this setting to target a different optimization goal or conversion event.