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How do I decide which campaigns to run and how much to spend?

All recommended campaigns in your dashboard already have the ad sets, audiences, etc. set up, based on your store’s actual data. As your ads gain more learnings, Socioh will show you prompts on when to increase or decrease your budget.

Here is a basic framework to help you get started.

If Your Meta Ad Spend is Less Than $500/Day

You'll need the following creatives. Ideally, get your creatives ready before you set up your campaigns.

  • A catalog for your feed-based ads. You will need these for your dynamic retargeting campaign. Go to the Catalog tab on your dashboard's left panel to begin.
  • 2-3 static image ads. You will need these for your additional retargeting/prospecting campaigns.
  • 1-2 Videos. Optional, but nice to have.

Start with these campaigns and suggested ad spend*:

  1. Dynamic Product Ad (DPA) - catalog-based dynamic ad for retargeting. Use the 'Sales Recovery' campaign under Retargeting Campaigns in Socioh's 'Campaigns' tab to set it up. 10% of your ad budget. 
  2. Static Retargeting Ad or a Second Retargeting Experience - show your site visitors a second ad experience with your best creatives. Use the 'Lead Nurture' shortcut under Retargeting Campaigns in Socioh. 10% of your ad budget.
  3. Dynamic Ad, Broad Audience (DABA) - top-of-the-funnel (TOF)  campaign for prospecting. 10% of your ad budget.
  4. Creative tester campaign for Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) - 50% of your ad budget.
  5. With the remaining 20%, test an Advantage+ Shopping campaign in your account. Run this with tested creatives.(NOTE: You can cut spending on the Creative Tester by 25% and add this budget to your Advantage+ if that campaign runs better for you.)

*This structure is an excellent place to get started. However, once you have some results after about 10-15 days of running ads, you may want to start adjusting your bids (campaign budgets based on ad performance (both ROAS and CTR are important metrics, in addition to other indicators like ATC, VC, etc.)

NOTE: For accounts just getting started with ads or spending under $25 a day, just 2-3 campaigns are enough. We recommend campaigns 1, 3, and 4 from the <$500/day structure above, with 20% of the budget allocated to retargeting and the remaining allocated to the two prospecting campaigns, to be adjusted once the campaigns learn and show initial results.

If Your Meta Ad Spend Is $500-$1000/Day

  1. Dynamic Product Ad (DPA) + any other retargeting campaign(s) - 10% of your ad budget.
  2. Dynamic Ad, Broad Audience (DABA) - 10% of your ad budget. Use a catalog with learnings, ideally the same catalog as you're using for your BOF (bottom of the funnel) retargeting.
  3. Creative tester campaign for Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) - 20% of your ad budget. Use this to test creatives on an ongoing basis.
  4. Advantage+ Shopping campaign - 25% of your budget. Run this with your winning creatives.
  5. Capped Scaling (Optional) - 35% of your ad budget. Scale spending while you control costs using Meta's cost-cap strategy. 

If Your Meta Ad Spend Is >$1000/Day

Book a call and we’ll help you figure out the right strategy for you.