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Success Guide

What are master templates? How do they work?

Use Master Templates to customize ALL the creatives in a catalog in a single shot.

Socioh's Branded Catalogs can have a single Master Template or multiple Master Templates, based on the design used.

Under each Master Template, you will see the total number of products that have been fitted into that variation.

Example of master template variations, Socioh

You can disable variations you do not wish to use, or edit any or all variations in a Branded Catalog.

How to Edit a Master Template:

  1. Click on the ‘Edit' prompt under any Master Template you'd like to edit.
Editing master templates in Socioh
  1. This will take you into an edit screen, with all the Master Template variations on the left panel. The changes you make to a selected variation will reflect only for the products using that template variation.
Editing your master template in Socioh_2
  1. Change any existing elements, or add new elements to your template using Socioh's designer. Add brand assets, text elements, stickers, or more to edit your creatives exactly as you like. Make sure to click "Done" on the top right corner of your screen to save your changes.
    TIP: We highly recommend editing all active master templates in your catalog.
  2. You can also ‘disable’ any Master Template. Select the one you want to discard and click on "Disable". The products that were being fitted into this variation will now be shifted to the closest variation(s) in use.
Disable master template variations in Socioh

  1. TIP: Let’s say you want to edit a Master template and find that 99% of your products are being fitted into a square variation, but 1 product each is being fitted into 2 other variations. To avoid editing all 3 variations, you can disable all variations other than the square. Of course, some of your products will not be fitted perfectly, but you will save on time.
  2. Your edited creatives will be used for the catalog that you are creating. When you save an edited template, you'll be asked whether you want to save it for later use. If you agree, you can rename it and the saved design will now be available to you under "My Templates".
  3. If you're subscribed to the Growth Plan (or higher), Socioh also allows you to add mapped/tagged fields to your creatives. You can define a whole range of conditions to add these elements to your product catalogs.
Mapping product information into your catalog ads
  1. Select the element you'd like to map or tag, and click on the "Value" option on the top right corner of your design editor. Now add the value to be mapped into the element and Socioh will dynamically display the correct value for each product. You can also add visibility conditions based on which you'd like that element mapped (for example, showing discounts only when they are at least 10%, and so on.)

Have any questions? Use the chat bubble on your screen to send us your query.