I can’t see all my products in my Branded Catalog. Where are they?

Your Branded Catalogs on Socioh are created using your product listings from your eCommerce store.

All your catalogs are automatically synced with Socioh every 24 hours.

This means that each of your listings’ inventory and product information is updated on every resync, and new products are added automatically every time your Socioh dashboard is synced with your store (for full store and category-based catalogs).

If you cannot see all your products in your Branded Catalog, this may be due to several reasons:

  1. Your products are inactive or sold out, or they are not properly tagged to the relevant category being pulled into the catalog. Check that your products are available and tagged correctly to the relevant category – especially when creating category-specific catalogs such as for ‘Dresses’, ‘Necklaces’, ‘Discounted Products’, or others.
  2. You have locked your catalog by disabling the Auto-update feature.
  3. Your latest updates are not synced with your Socioh dashboard. If you’ve added products to your store AFTER your resync, you can import these products immediately. Click on the Resync link under your store name on the left panel.

This will ensure that all your Branded Catalogs are updated against the current listings in your store.