What are Branded Catalogs and why do I need them?

A catalog is a list or a ‘feed’ of products that contains information like product image, title, price, etc. You need a catalog to create dynamic ads on Facebook.

What are Facebook ad catalogs and how do they work?

With Socioh, you can intelligently map crucial information like your brand logo, promotions or coupon codes on to your plain catalog images to create a Branded Catalog.

Using Branded Catalogs significantly improves brand recall and drives traffic, resulting in increased sales.

Why you need Socioh’s Branded Catalogs:

Every product in your store can be promoted in many different ways, depending on your target audience. For instance, the same item can be advertised to a cart abandoner with a Coupon Code, a past purchaser as a New Arrival, or a site bouncer as a Summer Special.

With a plain catalog feed, you will show the same image to all your audiences. Any custom messaging will need to be part of the caption, which is easily missed – especially on Instagram.

With Branded Catalogs, all custom messaging can be mapped directly onto the product image, which will be displayed in your dynamic ad, substantially boosting relevance and CTR (click-through-rate).

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NOTE: Branded Catalogs are a unique, proprietary technology developed by Socioh.