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The Socioh Story

We created Socioh for brands like you. We believe you know your business better than anyone. Our powerful, AI-driven software is designed to keep you at the helm of your marketing efforts so you don’t have to outsource it to an agency.

We help brands multiply their Facebook and Instagram ad revenue, while also organically driving traffic through various social media channels. All without any technical or design know-how.

We are headquartered in San Francisco (USA), with offices in New Delhi (India) and Toronto (Canada).


Socioh was founded by Karan Jassar in 2012. Karan’s wife, Sahiba, was a seller on eBay and Etsy, who found it increasingly difficult to get discovered and help her business take off, despite getting great customer feedback.

Karan couldn’t find an effective, easy-to-use tool that solved Sahiba’s problems. This stuck with him, and he quit his job at Yahoo, to build an app to help sellers like Sahiba promote their products online.

He was joined by Sakhil Chawla who, at 22, was the youngest winner of the SAP Global Innovation Challenge, and had already tried his hand at a start-up. The engineers needed someone who had insight into the workings of a small business store, and Sahiba came onboard.


In October 2016, Socioh raised seed funding from multiple investors including $1M from Brian Acton, Founder of Whatsapp, and an additional amount from Juan Benitez, GM of Braintree.


By early 2017, the 8-member team that had started out in Sahiba’s parents’ bedroom, had expanded to include 20 full-time employees and moved to a bigger office space.

As Facebook and Instagram began cutting down on organic reach, we turned our focus to the biggest revenue-generating marketing source online: Facebook ads.

Socioh’s core belief is that the efficiency of Facebook ads depends on two things: audience and creatives. Our software optimizes both to help ecommerce stores scale their retargeting.

Karan Jassar


Karan has a graduate degree in Computer Science with a specialization in AI from the University of Southern California. With over 17 years of experience in technology now, he worked as Senior Manager at Yahoo Inc for 6 years before founding Socioh.

While at Yahoo, he was a part of their display ads team and later moved to building their new search marketing system (think Adwords but for Yahoo/Bing search). That gave him in-depth technical knowledge of advertising and insight into ads optimization. He now channels that knowledge into helping online store owners find success in their advertising efforts.

Sakhil Chawla


Sakhil studied Computer Science and at 22 was the youngest winner of the SAP Global Innovation Challenge. He is single-handedly responsible for creating Socioh’s Designer (imagine Photoshop for ecommerce). With over 8 years of technical experience, a passion for programming and a keen interest in data analytics, his expertise in ads was almost natural.

He specializes in analyzing pixel data to identify untapped audience for Facebook ad campaigns. Sakhil currently heads the technical division at Socioh.

Sahiba Sandhu


Sahiba graduated with a BSc in Anthropology from University College London, before pursuing an MA in Communication Management from University of Southern California, where her dissertation was based on using communication theories to increase emotional intelligence in AI-based tutors. When she got married to Karan and accompanied him to the US, she didn’t have a work visa. So she started her own eBay and Etsy stores designing and selling sterling silver gift items.

Her experience as a small business seller gives her a greater understanding of the pain points of ecommerce sellers. She is the head of Customer Success & Community at Socioh.