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At Socioh, we share your goal

to maximize the ROAS of your clients.

Our tools are designed to go beyond what the Meta ads manager offers and give your clients the edge they need to succeed.

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Let’s grow together

We are delighted to offer additional benefits and incentives to our partner agencies, media buyers, content creators, and eCommerce experts.

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Why Partner with socioh?

Earn a generous recurring revenue

Earn one of the highest revenue share percentages in the industry for every new client you bring in.

Enjoy premium support

Socioh partners enjoy priority support and personalized onboarding for each client.

Grow your own business

Get featured in Socioh’s affiliate list and generate leads for your business.

Exclusive partner promotions

Get early access to feature launches, unlock co-marketing opportunities and benefit from partner-only discounts.
Tired of convincing your clients to purchase multiple apps? With Socioh, you get feed management, first-party pixel, and CAPI/enhanced server side events - all in one place.

For our Agency Partners

Why choose when you can have it all?


See exactly what you’ll earn.


12% Revenue Share (12 months)

$0 - $1,000 MRR



15% Revenue Share (12 months)

$1,000 - $5,000 MRR



20% Revenue Share (18 months)

$5,000+ MRR


Quick to onboard and an instant boost to ROAS that only gets better with time.

The team is always available to assist in any way they can -- constantly going above and beyond to enhance my experience.

David Perlov, Director of Marketing of Noli

David Perlov
Director of Marketing

Take back control of your ads with Socioh!

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