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Success Guide

How do I add Socioh UTMs to my TikTok ad campaigns?

For TikTok, you need to manually add UTMs to the destination URL that you enter in the “URL” field of the “Destination page” section, when creating/editing a TikTok ad.

  • If you already have URL parameters at the end of the destination URL, paste the following at the end of the URL.


    Make sure to also include the ‘&’ operator and that there is no ‘/’ or ‘\’ at the end.Eg. If your destination is www.examplestore.com,
    www.examplestore.com/existing_utm=value/&socioh_tid=tiktok:__CAMPAIGN_ID__:__AID__:__CID__:__PLACEMENT__NOTE: The double underscores are correct and that is what TikTok supports. Do make sure to include them as they are above. Also do ensure that there is ‘/?’ where your URL ends and your UTMs start.
  • If there is no parameter toward the end of your destination URL, paste the following text:?socioh_tid=tiktok:__CAMPAIGN_ID__:__AID__:__CID__:__PLACEMENT__

    Eg. If your destination is www.examplestore.com,