What is Smart Loop and how do I set it up?

With Smart Loop, you can set up a series of designs for your catalog ad/feed ad to ‘loop’ through at user-defined intervals.

Watch this demo of the Smart Loop:

Here’s how you can set up Smart Loop: 

1. Go to the “Catalogs” tab on Socioh.

2. Under “My Catalog”, find the catalog you want to set up a Smart Loop for and click on “Smart Switch” under it.

3. On the Smart Switch screen, select “Smart Loop”.

4. On this screen you will have to select the catalog designs, the start date, and the time intervals for each step.

A few things to note:

  • Select at least two catalog designs. You can add more designs by clicking “Add Step” but there must be at least 2 steps to save the loop.
  • You can start the loop immediately or schedule it to start at a later date. A Smart Loop goes on indefinitely till it is ended manually.
  • Make sure to customize the time interval between which the designs change. 

5. Click on “Save loop” at the bottom to save the loop. You can revisit and edit the loop at any time, on the Catalog tab.

If you face any issue or have any questions, reach out to us using the help bubble on the bottom right of your Socioh dashboard.