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Success Guide

How do I import my product inventory to my catalog?

With Socioh’s default inventory import, you'll:

1. Never have active products rejected by Facebook: Your listings may include active products or custom orders with zero inventory. Our automatic inventory import ensures that these listings are not rejected from your catalogs.

2. Get real-time inventory information for each listing: We update each listing's inventory every time your catalog is resynced.
TIP: Create urgency by highlighting the inventory of fast-selling products on your catalog creative. Map your inventory using Socioh's visibility and value features.

Can I turn off inventory import?

Yes, though it is not recommended, find the option in the catalog settings panel under "Advanced Settings" when you edit or create any Branded Catalog.
Unselect the checkbox to stop syncing your product inventory.

NOTE: This will not affect Socioh's ability to remove inactive products from your catalogs. Any products that are 'Sold Out' or 'Out-of-Stock' will continue to be removed from your ad catalogs.