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Success Guide

Import your product inventory to your catalog

With Socioh’s default inventory import, you'll:

1. Never have active products rejected by Facebook: Your listings may include active products or custom orders with zero inventory. Our automatic inventory import ensures that these listings are not rejected from your catalogs.

2. Get real-time inventory information for each listing: We update each listing's inventory every time your catalog is resynced.
TIP: Create urgency by highlighting the inventory of fast-selling products on your catalog creative. Map your inventory using Socioh's visibility and value features.

Can I turn off inventory import?

Yes, though it is not recommended. Unselect the check-box to stop syncing your product inventory.

NOTE: This will not affect Socioh's ability to remove inactive products from your catalogs. Any products that are 'Sold Out' or 'Out-of-Stock' will continue to be removed from your ad catalogs.