What is a DABA campaign? Do I need one?

A DABA (or Dynamic Ad, Broad Audience) campaign is a great prospecting campaign to run at the top of your funnel (TOF) and is very popular among agencies. This broad-or-open-prospecting campaign, set up as a dynamic ad, combines the full power of Meta’s AI with Socioh’s Branded Catalogs.

The DA in DABA stands for Dynamic ads, which means it’s set up with a catalog sales objective and the only acceptable creative for this campaign is a catalog-based creative. 

The BA in DABA stands for Broad audience, and the default ad set is set up with broad audience or open targeting. You should make any changes to this that make sense for your brand — and adjust demographics like age and gender. 

TIP: Exclude your website traffic from this audience so the ad prospects new leads.

We highly recommend that our users allocate about 10% of their budget toward testing this campaign. Here’s a basic framework if you’re looking to set up your campaigns from scratch.

Since it typically optimizes quite quickly, it is a great campaign to run for promotions. Set it up with 5-10 of your best-performing creatives from across different formats (catalog, video, single image, collection, etc.).

NOTE: Getting the catalog creative right can go a long way in this campaign’s performance — use Socioh’s Branded Catalogs to edit and test designs without losing campaign learnings.