What is Smart Switch and why should I use it?

Socioh’s Smart Switch allows you to schedule & test dynamic product ads without losing your campaign learning. 

There are three main ways you can use Smart Switch:

  • Smart Loop
    Reduce creative fatigue by ‘looping’ or rotating through different catalog designs.
    Learn how to set up a Smart Loop for your Branded Catalog.
  • Single Switch
    Schedule new promotions (for eg. Black Friday to Cyber Monday) or amp up the urgency by scheduling time-based prompts like ‘Flash sale’, ‘Ends in 24 hours, or ‘Sale ends tonight.
    Learn how to set up a Single Switch for your Branded Catalog.
  • A/B Test
    Find the best-performing creative for your brand by testing designs and making iterative changes to your catalog templates.
    Learn how to set up an A/B test with your Branded Catalog.