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Get the truth behind the numbers

What you need is not more numbers. It’s actionable insights.

Data is like garbage. Youd better know what you are going to do with it before you collect it.

Mark Twain

Since iOS14, attribution has become an obsession. Everyone’s looking for more data, more events, more pixels, just more…

But what you need is not more numbers.

It’s actionable insights.

With Socioh’s predictive recommendations telling you when to shut or scale an ad, you will never waste another ad dollar again.

First-party data don’t lie

Get unbiased data that you can trust from your own first-party pixel. Track 100% of your store orders and view them against multiple attribution models.

Predictive recommendations

Use every dollar effectively - identify and kill poor performers early on, and know when to scale those winners.

Take the guesswork out of advertising with Socioh.

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A bird’s eye view

Save time by viewing data from multiple sources in one dashboard. Compare analytics by Meta, Google Analytics, Shopify, and Socioh.

Visual customer journey

Track every touchpoint that resulted in a purchase. See each action the shopper took on your site including product views and add-to-carts.

Everything you need. And nothing more.

Don’t get bogged down in data.

Get trends, tips, insights, and recommendations that save you time, and help you make informed decisions to scale your business.

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