How do I add product sets to my catalogs in Socioh?

You cannot create product sets from within Socioh. However, you can edit any Socioh catalogs on Facebook and add product sets to them without affecting your catalog updates.

Here’s how you can add products sets to Socioh catalogs on Facebook:

1. On Socioh, click on the “Catalogs” tab.
Click on the 3 dots (…) on the catalog you want to use, and hit “View on Facebook”


2. On Meta Commerce Manager, find the “Sets” tab on the left-hand side. On the “Sets” screen, click on “Create set” -> “Use filters” on the top-right.
You can choose to automate the product set using filters, or manually select the products.

After you have saved you edits on Facebook, you’re good to go.

Any futures updates to this catalog from Socioh (automatic store resync, catalog designs change, product re-selection, etc.) will not affect your product sets.