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Success Guide

What do I need to get started with retargeting ads through Socioh?

Here's a short checklist for you to go through before you start advertising through Socioh.


  1. Daily traffic is key to retargeting. More the number of people checking out products on your website, the higher the chances of them converting through your retargeting campaign. 
    Make sure your store sees more than 100 visitors every day for your retargeting to be optimized.


  1. First up, you need a Meta Business Manager account. This free platform helps merchants integrate marketing efforts across their business and with marketing partners like Socioh. 
    If you run ads through a personal ad account, then step 1 would be to create a Business Manager account and claim your personal ad account.
  2. If you already have a Business Manager account, then make sure that you have been assigned the role of 'admin'.
  3. Unlike other retargeting apps, Socioh DOES NOT create a separate ad account or install its own pixel on your store. 
    We use your pixel to set retargeting & make data-backed campaign recommendations. So make sure that you choose the right pixel while connecting your Facebook account to Socioh.

Ad Policy

  1. Go through Meta's Advertising Policies to make sure that your site content and product comply with them. If you're flouting any of those guidelines, your ad can be declined during the review process.


  1. Meta will charge your ad account directly for all ad campaigns created through Socioh. Socioh's subscription does not cover the cost of running your ads on Meta.