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Success Guide

How can I temporarily change my catalog for an upcoming occasion or promotion using Smart Switch?

Change your catalog design to announce any upcoming discounts or holiday promotions with Smart Switch. Revert to your existing catalog design at the end of the promotion.

Why use Smart Switch?

  1. Retain campaign optimizations:
    When an existing ad campaign on Facebook is edited, it typically starts to optimize again from scratch, losing all previous learnings. Since Smart Switch only changes the design of the product feed, Facebook does not recognize this as an edit. This means that you can change designs as often as you like without losing your campaign optimizations.
  2. Save time and effort:
    Manually updating multiple creatives and reverting them at the end of the promotion is time-consuming and tedious. Schedule these changes automatically to ensure timely and effective promotions.

How to use Smart Switch:

  1. Choose a template that is relevant for your promotion or discount. For instance, pick a Sale template for an upcoming sale or a holiday-themed template for a specific occasion.
Socioh's Smart Switch - template 1
Socioh's Smart Switch - template 2
  1. Select the date and time that you would like your catalog to update to the new template. 

TIP: We recommend starting a holiday-themed sale 3-4 weeks before the holiday for maximum effectiveness.

  1. Select the date and time that you would like to revert to your original catalog. 

TIP: Ideally, this should be the same as the end time of the promotion or holiday. For instance, a Christmas Sale can be scheduled to revert at 12:00 am on 26th December.

Update live catalog ads using Socioh's Smart Switch

NOTE: All edits to your original catalog will be saved, so you do not lose any customizations.