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How to edit your DABA & DPA campaigns without losing learnings

Apple's ATT (App Tracking Transparency) has launched with iOS 14.5 and it's changing how Facebook ads work!
Keep up-to-date on any and all new changes. Stay ahead of the curve with Socioh’s pro-tips and tricks.

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Table of contents

The stunning efficacy of using customized images in Dynamic Catalog Ads has been discussed for a while.

See tweet

Dynamic ads are one of the most effective forms of advertising on Meta. 

And their ability to learn and optimize on-the-go has made them even more popular since the iOS14 update.

Dynamic catalog ads are based on your product feed and can be used at the top of the funnel as DABA (Dynamic Ads, Broad Audience) campaigns, or at the bottom of the funnel as DPAs (Dynamic Product Ads). Learn more about dynamic ads here.

With Socioh’s Branded Catalogs, you enjoy unprecedented control over your product feed. It’s super easy to add any on-brand design and rule-based automation to your dynamic ad creatives. (See examples)

But perhaps the most powerful capability of the Branded Catalogs is the Smart Switch.

What is Smart Switch?

One major drawback of dynamic ads was that any edit to the ad meant losing all your campaign optimizations and learnings.

Not anymore.

With the Smart Switch, you can schedule any design/messaging change to your dynamic ads, without losing campaign optimizations!

This opens up unlimited possibilities for advertisers. 

You can change your dynamic ad creative any time you want to promote a sale, combat creative fatigue, test messaging, highlight seasonal products, assess new designs, and much more.

The Smart Switch features include:

  1. Single Switch to schedule a one-time change to your catalog.
  2. Smart Loop to schedule a series of rotating design changes to your catalog.
  3. A/B Testing to compare the performance of 2 different catalogs.

Smart Switch by Socioh is a tool that enables eCommerce businesses to change the message of their product catalogs on Facebook and Instagram without losing the learnings from their previous catalogs.

This helps advertisers test different designs and messages, and make adjustments to their catalogs without losing the performance data and insights they have gathered. This feature is especially useful for brands that want to optimize their product catalogs for better performance and a higher sales volume.

Here's a quick look at the Smart Switch features:

1. Single Switch

This enables a one-time design change to your catalog. 

It is an excellent option for highlighting limited-time discounts, holiday promotions, or seasonal products.

For instance, you’d use Single Switch to:

  • Promote a sale for a week.
  • Showcase Mother’s Day gifts.
  • Change your catalog to a seasonal design — eg. fall colors for autumn, snowflakes for winter, etc..

Each Switch allows for 1 design change, but you can schedule as many Switches as you like. This will make more sense with the customer examples below.

Single Switch (Customer Example 1: <yellow-low-highlight>Brumate<yellow-low-highlight>)

Drink-ware brand Brumate used Single Switch to schedule their BFCM promotions.

Pre-Switch: Pre-BFCM Catalog

Before the BFCM weekend, the brand was promoting their Leopard collection in a custom rotating template with collection-mapping.

Switch 1: Black Friday & Saturday

On Black Friday, they Switched to a black and red, slashed-price template highlighting the sale.

Switch 2: Sunday

On Sunday, a Switch to this background-removed, price-mapped template kept the focus on the sale but also introduced a feeling of adventure.

Switch 3: Cyber Monday

On Monday, they scheduled a Switch to a slashed-price template in keeping with the cyber weekend theme.

Switch 4: Tuesday

At the end of BFCM weekend, the brand Switched to a lifestyle catalog which automatically pulled the secondary product image from their store.

Single Switch (Customer Example 2: <yellow-low-highlight>Boutique 1861<yellow-low-highlight>)

French-Canadian dress store Boutique 1861 regularly uses Smart Switch to schedule design changes to their catalog. They are able to create relevant dynamic ads for 100s of products in minutes and schedule these changes in advance, saving them hours of tedious work and always keeping their ads up-to-date.

Summer Catalog

A beautiful floral theme that complements the summer styles and vintage feel of the products.

Black Friday Promotion

The white silhouette against the black background grabs attention while the cleverly placed arow next to the slashed price directs the eye to the product.

Winter Collection

Evergreen branches against a wooden background subtly highlights the seasonal relevance of the products.

Holiday Promotion

For Christmas, the brand chose holiday colors and mistletoe, but also included an automated callout emphasizing scarcity

2. Smart Loop

With the Smart Loop, you can set up a schedule of unlimited template designs for your catalog to ‘loop’ or rotate through. 

This offers advertisers a massive opportunity to eliminate creative fatigue, boost CTR and, most importantly, test messaging. 

At the top of the funnel (DABA), the Smart Loop can help you identify the best messaging for your brand. (Learn how to test messaging with the Smart Loop).

And at the bottom of the funnel (DPAs), it is ideal for keeping your creatives fresh and relevant.

Customer Example - <yellow-low-highlight>Korriko Pet Supplies<yellow-low-highlight>

Pet gear store Korriko has scheduled a loop of 3 different catalog designs. Each design runs for 1 day and then switches to the next design.

The catalog ad starts with a rotating template that highlights different USPs or brand values on each card. 

The next day, it switches to a slashed-price catalog which automatically pulls the original and sale prices for each product. 

And for the 3rd day, the brand chose a Buy Now, Pay Later templates highlighting affordability.

On the 4th day, the ad reverts to the original design and restarts the Smart Loop.

(Learn more about the Smart Loop.)

3. A/B Testing 

We have found that small changes to a catalog design can make all the difference to performance. For instance, changing the color of a sale callout from orange (the brand color) to red resulted in a 43% increase in CTR for a popular lifestyle and clothing brand.

Using Socioh’s Smart Switch feature, you can compare 2 catalog designs to test for CTR (click-through rate) or ROAS (return on ad spend).

Customer Example: Noli Yoga

A 7-day A/B test by athleisure brand Noli Yoga found that the darker review template significantly outperformed the light-colored template

Learn more about A/B testing your catalogs here.

Need help setting up your Smart Switch? Just log in to your Socioh dashboard and send us a message - we’d be happy to get you started.

is a digital advertising platform for eCommerce brands. Our Branded Catalog is the industry leader in dynamic catalog advertising and product feeds.

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