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All About Facebook Shops and Why Every Etsy Seller Should Be On Them

When it comes to Etsians online, Facebook and Instagram are the most powerful social media platforms for organic marketing.

In May 2020, Facebook announced a cool new way to showcase your products on Facebook and Instagram pages — Facebook and Instagram Shops. Here’s what a Facebook Shop looks like:

And here's an Instagram Shop:

Why should I import my Etsy products to Facebook?

By importing your Etsy products on Facebook and Instagram, you open a unique feature-set in Facebook and Instagram Shops that will help your visitors easily browse and checkout directly from your Facebook and Instagram pages.*

Tag your products on your Instagram posts or promote your products on your Facebook page for your social media followers and page visitors. People can browse, explore, and purchase products, right then and there!*

When you set up your Instagram Shop, a little tab shows up on your Instagram Page which showcases all your products. Here's how it looks:

Super cool right?
We think so too - and so we highly recommend you set up your Facebook Shops right away to make use of this useful feature. We've got this super easy guide for you to follow too!

*The actual purchases will be done through your Etsy store by default - the product pages on your Shop will redirect them to your Etsy product page. Facebook allows product checkouts within the Shop interface itself but certain eligibility criteria apply. If you’re interested, read more here about checkouts.

Are Facebook Shops and Instagram Shops the same?

There's no difference between Facebook and Instagram Shops beside the platform itself. To set up your Instagram Shop, you'll need to connect your Instagram page to your Facebook Business Manager

Instagram Shops vs Instagram Shopping

Gotta be honest, the naming is really confusing — it got us on the ropes when we heard it too!

But it’s pretty simple.

Instagram Shopping is the product tagging feature for your Instagram posts. It can be used in ads or organic posts and are independent of an Instagram Shop. This also means you can set up product tagging without having to set up your Instagram Shop.  

How product tags look like on Instagram:

Instagram Shops are the new storefronts that showcase your products and collections under a tab or a through "View Shop" button on your Instagram page.

What an Instagram Shop looks like:

Quick Guide to Set up your Facebook Shop with Etsy

Don't know where to start? Here's a quick checklist just for you:

  1. Connect and verify your Etsy domain with your Facebook Business Manager. Here’s a quick and easy guide.
  2. Import your Etsy products to Facebook. Follow this link to import them.
  3. Create your Facebook Shops through the Facebook Business Manager. Create one here. You should see a "Shops" or "Sales" tab on the left-hand side.

You’re done!
If you have questions or face any issues during the import process, do drop us a message using the help bubble on your Socioh dashboard (psst, sign up here if you haven't already) or send me an email directly and I’ll help you out!