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Import your Etsy product feed to Facebook using Socioh's Catalog Plan

Wondering how to connect your Etsy store to Facebook to enable Facebook and Instagram shops?

You can easily import your Etsy product feed (or Etsy listings), using Socioh's easy catalog setup—and all it'll take you is minutes! Sounds good? Let's get started.

First, you'll need a Facebook Business Manager. If you already have one, Socioh will automatically detect and present it on the drop-down in your settings. Simply select the correct Business Manager and you're ready to go, no need to bother with any other settings!

Section 1: Create a catalog of all your products on Socioh

Once you have connected your Business Manager to Socioh (remember to save it), all you need to import your product feed into Facebook is a catalog.

Not only does Socioh help you do this, we also import all your inventory information into this catalog—so that only products that are in stock show up in your Facebook shop. Now, to create a catalog you can use the shortcut on the Home screen, or go to "Catalogs" on your dashboard and click on "Create Product Catalog":

After this, you'll be asked to choose the products to include in the catalog. Select "all products in shop" as shown below (recommended), or select the products you want to link to your Facebook and IG shops:

Note: If you're subscribed to our Catalog subscription plan for Etsy users, you'll be able to import up to 10,000 products.

After this, you'll be taken to the screen below where you can choose to import your inventory and select smart fitting (both set as the default options to help you).

Unless you want to manually fit your products, we suggest you let the options remain selected:

Now hit "Publish" (rename the catalog if you wish) from the top right on the catalog screen.

This will create a catalog of all your product listings and their inventory information. You can then connect this catalog to your Facebook shop following the steps in the next section.

IMPORTANT: Before we progress to the next section, you may be wondering about the custom url domain setting you see. If you want to use your catalog for Instagram shopping or tagging your products on Instagram, you will need a custom verified domain. For the ideal experience with your Etsy feed, we suggest that you register for a verified domain and enter your custom url before you proceed to the next section.

Section 2: Connect your Socioh catalog to your Facebook shop/Instagram shopping

Now, once your catalog is published (it may take up to 5 minutes to process and be ready), it will become available under "Catalogs" on Socioh.

Now, click on "View on FB" to open the catalog in your Facebook Catalog Manager:

This will take you to a screen that looks similar to the one below:

Here, scroll to "Sales" in the left column and you'll see the following screen:

If you see "Shops" instead of "Sales", don't worry, just click on "Go to Shops".

Now simply follow the instructions to connect your Facebook Shop and/or Instagram shopping with this catalog.

That's it! Now you're ready to get more sales via Facebook and Instagram! Hurray!P.S. Want to use these settings beyond your 15-day trial period? Simply subscribe to our custom "CATALOG" plan for Etsy users. Easy-peasy. Got stuck somewhere? Get in touch with us here or at success@socioh.com.