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From OrangeTwig to Socioh

This is a very exciting time for us - we just concluded an 8-month-long effort to bring you the enhancements and new features that you had been asking for.What started as a snappy little Facebook shopfront for Etsy stores, has now become a comprehensive social media marketing suite that helps stores across multiple platforms to market their products online - both organically and using advertising. And we're adding new features almost every day, enabling our users to grow their sales, build their brand and engage their followers.Somewhere along this journey, we also realized that have outgrown the OrangeTwig brand. The identity that was crafted for the small plant that we once were, couldn't contain the giant tree that we've become. We needed something that represented our product, our expertise and our strengths better.Back to the drawing board we went. Another couple of months of discussion, persuasion, debate and brainstorming, and we came up with the perfect new identity. Socioh embodies everything that our product is - fresh, bold, and highly effective.

And this is just the beginning. We've got a lot of exciting stuff coming up in the next few months. So stay tuned and happy marketing!We'd love to hear what you think of our new brand and visual identity. Do you like what we’ve done so far?