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99 STRIKES FISHING CO uses Socioh to scale 3x while maintaining ROAS

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Table of contents



Fishing equipment

Use case

Full-funnel strategy using Branded Catalogs

99 Strikes Fishing Co is a single entrepreneur-owned brand that sells handmade fishing baits. As a small business, the brand depends on a quick turnaround on the immensely popular but specialized baits. 

Being founder-run, the business also needs a full-funnel tool that is convenient and easy to use. 

While the store has a large number of repeat purchasers, it needs to keep expanding its customer base. However, this needs to be done while at the same time keeping costs minimal, so that any profits can be put back into growing the business.

The Problem 

The store owner, Josh, has used a number of tools but found them time-consuming and difficult to use. He also had limited success with scaling ad spend.

Limited time to manage campaigns: As a self-run business, Josh’s requirement was an efficient and easy alternative to the Facebook (Meta) Ads Manager.
Scaling efficiently:
The brand had been advertising on a small budget and wanted to increase spending on ads. At the same time, Josh did not want to lose the margin on their products, which is something he had limited success with when using other tools.

Inventory sync and creative updates: The store has a unique problem. The store’s limited inventory is re-stocked in batches. This means that a lot of its popular product listings get sold out quickly, while others remain in-store longer, and the store owner has to routinely turn off optimized, well-performing creatives to add new ones.

The Solution

Given the challenges of a new business, Socioh proved an effective DIY tool for the store owner. The specific features that helped him were:

Working with many agencies and 100s of smaller accounts, Socioh’s team benefits from looking at a number of data points, with concrete examples of what is working and what isn’t. This means that though Socioh is a DIY tool, we are able to review accounts and offer recommendations that can help when requested.

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Ready-to-use full-funnel campaigns: Instead of narrow Bottom of the Funnel (BOF) campaigns, the brand used Socioh’s recommendations to create two wider campaigns at the BOF:

i) A dynamic product ad (DPA) using Socioh’s Branded Catalogs, 

A Branded Catalog template made by Socioh's user displaying a 15% discount coupon code


ii) A second retargeting campaign experience, set up as a conversion ad with creatives in multiple formats, including a catalog that features the store's reviews.

Branded Catalog showing reviews that are automatically mapped onto each product card

This allowed the brand’s users to view different creatives while also seeing customized catalog ads that showed only in-stock products with automatic inventory sync.

  • Scaling with a full-funnel strategy + diverse prospecting campaigns: In addition to a wider BOF strategy, the brand used Socioh’s audiences to create a multi-pronged prospecting (Top of the Funnel) strategy that includes campaigns with broad audiences, lookalikes, and interest-based ads. 
  • Branded Catalogs for inventory syncing: To solve the problem of having to turn off optimized creatives, the brand turned to Socioh’s Branded Catalogs. The catalogs did three things at once:
    i) Relevant messaging - 99 strikes can now add the best marketing message to each catalog. So they can run one catalog showing coupon codes to cart abandoners at the bottom of the funnel, and another showcasing their customer reviews at the middle of the funnel.
    ii) Up-to-date inventory - the store inventory is regularly synced so sold-out products are automatically excluded from the catalog.
    iii) No loss of learnings - since 99 Strikes use Socioh’s Smart Switch feature to update their catalogs, they are able to retain all past campaign optimizations.

The Results

With Socioh the brand was able to scale its ad spend while maintaining ROAS: 


Spend over the first 4 months of switching to Socioh while maintaining their ROAS


Decrease in CPC within the same period

Not only is the brand maintaining its ROAS while upping its ad spend, but it is also improving its results with Branded Catalogs. In addition, the brand is testing relevant image and video creatives through the funnel, then using proven creatives to get maximum gains to grow their small business. 

UPDATE: 90% Increase in ROAS in August 22

To further capitalize on the newly scaled budgets, the brand also tweaked its campaign structure to a better consolidated one. This led to an increase in its ROAS within a few weeks, with the consolidated ROAS for August 2022 amounting nearly double that of the preceding months!

The campaign structure followed was:

  1. One DPA (Dynamic Product Ad) retargeting all 30-day traffic to the website using Socioh's Branded Catalogs to display a coupon.
  2. Second retargeting campaign for 90 day visitors and engagers with the brand's best creatives.
  3. A consolidated prospecting campaign using broad, and interest-and-value-based lookalikes that uses a catalogs featuring the brand's reviews and other top creatives, and,
  4. A second interest-based campaign to scale well-performing interests with relevant TOF (Top of the Funnel) creatives.

Check out our blog on fixing your BOF ads post iOS14 here.

"I love working with Socioh. I tried FB Ads Manager, SixAds, and Brainly. By far Socioh is the best out there."
-Josh Hettinger, Owner
99 Strikes Fishing Co.

Learn how to edit your catalog creatives without losing campaign optimizations with Socioh’s Branded Catalogs here.

is a digital advertising platform for eCommerce brands. Our Branded Catalog is the industry leader in dynamic catalog advertising and product feeds.

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