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YEVU shifts 40% ad spend to Branded Catalogs, increases ROAS by 30%

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Table of contents




Use case

Branded Catalogs

A business with a purpose, Yevu is a socially responsible clothing label. Using fabric sourced from the local markets in Ghana’s biggest cities, the label seeks to bring local textiles and prints to the world. 

Made in Ghana by women in the informal sector, the niche label has a loyal clientele. It draws new shoppers looking for unique prints combined with its trademark modern silhouettes. While the brand’s edgy prints and fun product shots set it apart from other brands, they also present a challenge for advertising. 

The Problem

The brand’s unique prints set it apart but require unique handling. Plus, with a mission to provide higher-than-living wages and reliable employment to its women employees, Yevu needs to ensure a steady revenue. Here are the challenges the brand needed to address:

Unique visual identity: Typically, while a lot of the brand’s produced video and single image promotions did well, Yevu needed a reliable way to showcase its unique visual identity consistently, but without losing the visual edge that sets it apart.

High customer acquisition costs: The brand’s bold prints and unusual silhouettes must be showcased well in order to convert site visitors into loyal shoppers. To remain sustainable, the brand needed to ensure that new customers are acquired at lower costs, and returning shoppers were marketed to without breaking the bank.

 Scaling profitably: As a niche brand with a majority of its sales taking place online, the brand wanted to use every opportunity for growth. This required both: an ability to experiment with topical creatives for promotions or new launches while establishing consistent returns on its Facebook and Instagram ad performance.

The Solution

Given the unique challenges of a niche brand, Socioh’s Branded Catalogs provided an effective tool to the brand’s agency to ensure growth and consistency. Let’s take a deeper look at how the brand leveraged Socioh’s catalog product. 

Showcasing the brand’s unique visual identity: The brand is all about its prints. With Facebook’s native catalogs, the brand’s unique identity and its trademark silhouettes were lost. 

Sample these ads: 

Instead, with Socioh’s Branded Catalogs, the store could showcase its prints and silhouettes in a way that was more in sync with the brand:

As you can see, the 2-image template with the product names mapped brought in movement and color to help feature the brand’s unique and fun identity.

Other catalogs like the sale catalog allowed the brand to advertise only the products on sale with cut-prices, while playing with prints, type and color.

Scaling with Branded Catalogs: Using Socioh’s Branded Catalog, the brand was able to increase its ad spend AND improve its ROAS by over 30% in July-September 2022.

The most significant change was at the bottom of the funnel, where Socioh’s Branded Catalog has consistently brought 19X in revenue!

Another significant change is that the brand now spends about 40-50% of its total ad spend on catalogs. The catalogs provide Yevu a steady and consistent stream of revenue, leaving the agency free to test other creatives — single image, video, and collection for sales and promotions, while the catalogs do the work of providing a steady monthly recurring revenue.

NOTE: The brand saw results on the Branded Catalogs only after a few months of testing. What changed? In the first few months, the catalogs were added to already optimized campaigns, and did not spend much. However, the brand’s agency noticed this. They turned off other creatives and increased spends on Branded Catalogs, which led to amazing results. 

Lowered acquisition costs: Using Socioh’s Branded Catalogs, Yevu was able to lower the costs of acquiring and retaining customers. With up to 50% of its spend made on catalogs and with a steady return, the brand was able to leverage additional media resources in a more effective way, and turn off underperfroming creatives faster, resulting in a positive impact of acquisition costs even during non-sale season.



Ad Spend on Branded Catalogs


Increase in ROAS within 2 months of using Branded Catalogs


Results with Branded Catalogs at the Bottom of the Funnel

To maintain its results, the brand’s agency is testing relevant image and video creatives through the funnel, while continuing to use Catalogs to give Facebook the maximum intent data it possibly can. 

Another useful strategy would be to update/edit catalog creatives (without losing ad optimizations!) and using collection-specific catalogs for promotions. 

is a digital advertising platform for eCommerce brands. Our Branded Catalog is the industry leader in dynamic catalog advertising and product feeds.

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