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Instagram's ‘Shoppable’ Posts, Integrating With Shopify & Bigcommerce

Instagram is going ballistic! It’s latest feature, Instagram Shopping, will be available in U.S to apparel, jewelry, and beauty brands.

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Till now, Instagram users could only check out a brand/seller's posts that showcased their products. In order to BUY, say a bag/bracelet/T-shirt,  they had to follow a ‘trail’. It went like this

1) Note details from the caption

2) Click on the shop URL in the Link in Bio

3) Search for the product that stole your heart

NOW, if I ‘heart’ a shoppable post, I can tap on it to check out the information and then just tap on ‘Shop Now’ button to buy it from the brand’s site without leaving the app.  Instant gratification thanks to Instagram! Right now, shopping  is enabled for posts with a single photo. Not carousel or video.

Kate Spade, first to arrive on Instagram Shopping scene!
Kate Spade, first to arrive on Instagram Shopping scene!

You Like it? You but it!
You Like it? You buy it!

The platform has been testing this, since November 2016, with 20 brands (including Kate Spade, Macy’s, Warby Parker). Now, any jewelry/apparel/beauty brand, that has its product catalog on Facebook, can apply to Instagram Shopping.

Instagram will also be working with Shopify and Bigcommerce to bring brands they’re working with on board.      

The icing on the cake is that no cut from sale goes to Instagram since this is in its testing phase.

Happy Selling!