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5 Reasons why you should convert your Facebook Product Catalog to Branded Catalog

Apple's ATT (App Tracking Transparency) has launched with iOS 14.5 and it's changing how Facebook ads work!
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Table of contents

Let’s begin with what matters to every merchant who advertises on Facebook—Audience & Return On Ad Spend (ROAS).

Since it is the biggest social media network, with 1.56 billion daily active users, you can expect to create and target top-notch, laser-focused audiences on Facebook.  

And an extremely relevant audience will result in high ROI. BUT your ad needs to catch their attention first.

You didn’t think it was going to be a cakewalk now, did you? Because your ad is not the only one vying for that click.

So, what are you going to do?

  • Pump in more money  
  • Hire an agency
  • Serve your customer an ad that THEY want to see and click on.  

Option A is a short term solution and is not sustainable.Option B involves first researching an agency, helping them understand your brand, and then making sure that ad campaigns are in line with your objectives.

But the simplest of them all is actually Option C. You can serve an ad that your customer would be interested in with Branded Catalogs. That too at no extra cost!

What are Branded Catalogs?

A Branded Catalog is very similar to a regular Facebook product catalog, which helps you deliver carousel ads to your target audience. But there is one MAJOR difference.

With Socioh’s Branded Catalogs you can include key campaign info—discount, price, promo code—in the ad creative itself. This helps communicate the marketing message visually rather than hiding it in ad copy, leading to more clicks, more traffic, and more conversions.

Multiple Branded Catalogs, deployed along with your retargeting funnel, help you serve your audience with a fresh ad creative at every step of their journey.

Top 5 reasons why you should be using Branded Catalogs:

1. Stand out in your audience’s Facebook feed

This is by far the number one reason why top retailers like Amazon, H&M, Bodyshop are moving towards Branded Catalogs.

It can’t be stressed enough that plain product feed ad is one of the biggest reasons behind low CTR.

Your audience sees 111 of these on any given day, and are probably unable to tell one brand’s ad apart from the other.

With Branded Catalogs you can easily brand your catalog and visually communicate your promo offer. This instantly grabs your audience’s attention and successfully attracts that click.

An ad that visually communicates your offer attracts more clicks.

What’s even better is that Socioh’s Branded Catalogs make it possible to experiment with creatives at scale.Edit the copy / design / promo offer in a few clicks and test what works with the chosen audience.

2. Advertising low inventory products

Ever wondered how to promote products that are running low on inventory without:

  1. Having to worry about changing the product in the carousel once you run out of stock.
  2. Irritating your customer by leading them to an out-of-stock product (in case you can’t manage point 1 in time).  

It’s simple. Promote these products with a product catalog. Since the catalog has information about your inventory, sold out products are automatically removed from the carousel. And you can avoid the extra work and frustration.

And what’s even better than a basic catalog? A Branded Catalog.

Use a ‘Selling Out’ template or even ‘Final Reductions’ (if these products are on sale) to advertise these products. Making this copy part of your ad creative lets your target audience know that if they want to purchase the product, then it’s now or never.

3. Category-specific targeting

Targeting purchasers of one particular category with a related category ad is quite profitable, since this group is already aware of your brand and is likely to purchase from you again.  

For example, an apparel retailer would retarget the top-wear section purchasers, with the bottom-wear category.

Or if you sell sportswear, you may want to advertise dry-fit tees to all those who have purchased running shoes from your store.

You could use a product set from your current catalog. But most merchants and advertisers make the mistake of retargeting using just ONE catalog. This means that no matter where your audience is in the ad funnel, they will always see one kind of ad creative! This is one of the main reasons for creative fatigue.

But if you create a Branded Catalog for a particular section, you can use category-specific copy to help your customer distinguish this ad from others and steer them towards at least a view content or add to cart or purchase.

4. Perfectly rendered ads

If you’re creating a catalog through Facebook, you can choose between 3 options to display your product images in a carousel ad:

1. Fill ad with image (default)

2. Fit image to ad

3. Crop and resize image to fit ad

If you choose either of the first two options, Facebook will fit an image according to the width and not the height. And this is the reason why most product images being used for ads are cropped.

It’s the third option which is best suited for images of any orientation BUT it’s not the default.

With Branded Catalogs you can be assured of perfectly rendered ads every time. Socioh’s intelligent image optimization makes sure that product images are not distorted in any way, no matter what the image dimensions are.

5. Display your product better

Buyers like to check out multiple images and product specifications before making the purchase. But in a carousel you can either only fit in one image or choose the slideshow option to display multiple images. And in the latter case, you don’t know whether the audience will engage with the carousel to check all 10 slideshows! This demands more time from your target audience to engage with the ad.

With Branded Catalogs you can display multiple images of a product in one static creative. The template maps different images of the same product making it easier to display product details.


Spending money on ads which can easily be ignored or don’t resonate with your audience is a complete waste of your ad budget. Branded Catalogs solve this problem in a few clicks, literally.

Create your first Branded Catalog for FREE.

If you found this useful, join our Facebook group to learn the best practices for digital marketing and social media advertising.

is a digital advertising platform for eCommerce brands. Our Branded Catalog is the industry leader in dynamic catalog advertising and product feeds.

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