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Automatically remove and change the backgrounds of your Facebook dynamic ads - real examples by real brands (2024)

Apple's ATT (App Tracking Transparency) has launched with iOS 14.5 and it's changing how Facebook ads work!
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Table of contents

eCommerce websites typically feature a product image with a plain background as their primary image. Something like this:

A dynamic carousel ad by designer drinkware brand Brumate showing plain product images of different tumblers.
Plain catalog ad by Brumate

This is a common ‘best practice’ to keep the buyer’s focus on the product.

However, when it comes to ads, a little color can add a lot of visual interest.

A background-removed dynamic ad by a drinkware brand with Cyber Weekend messaging, custom background & discount offer.
Catalog ad by Brumate - designed via Socioh

This is especially crucial in a heavily crowded feed with 100s of other images competing for the shopper’s attention.

With Socioh’s Branded Catalogs, advertisers enjoy complete control over every aspect of their product feed — design, image, and automation. 

Let’s take a look at some more examples of brands using Socioh to replace their traditional plain backgrounds with on-brand colors, patterns, or images in their catalog ads.

Socially responsible label Yevu dramatically changed their catalog ads by replacing the white backgrounds of their product images with a quirky eye-catching pattern.

A dynamic ad by clothing brand Yevu with unique on-brand backgrounds to complement the product. Includes price.
Catalog ad by Yevu - designed via Socioh

See how to automatically replace the product backgrounds of your product feed images via Socioh.

Background removal can be especially powerful for brands whose products can look undifferentiated if advertised without any branding or messaging.

Health supplement brand Buyceps added a background of a gym with an overlay in the brand color (yellow). This not only provided context, but also made for an eye-catching ad. They further mapped percentage discounts to each product to encourage instant conversion.

A background-removed dynamic catalog ad by supplement brand Buyceps with a discount badge and on-brand design.
Catalog ad by Buyceps - designed via Socioh

Another health and wellness company Hyugalife went one step further and mapped the value propositions or main selling points of each product onto their product feed.

A background-removed dynamic catalog ad by pharma brand Hyugalife with USPs, discounted price and a tagline highlighted.
Catalog ad by Hyugalife - designed via Socioh

Leading drinkware brand Brumate was losing their biggest asset — their brand identity — in their catalog ads. By adding their logo and an arresting product background, they were able to both leverage their powerful brand identity, and appeal to outdoor enthusiasts. 

The sale messaging was added for Black Friday (without losing learnings) using Socioh’s Smart Switch feature.

A background-removed dynamic ad template by drinkware brand Brumate with Black Friday messaging & slashed product price
Catalog ad by Brumate - designed via Socioh

See how drinkware brand Brümate transformed their Facebook dynamic ads for BFCM.

The same problem was experienced by Specialized bikes’ branding team. They would not run catalog ads despite their proven effectiveness because, in a standard product feed, it was virtually impossible to distinguish their premium bikes from cheaper generic products.

The evocative dark and smoky backgrounds combined with Specialized’s distinctive logo satisfied both the branding and the performance marketing teams.

A dynamic ad template for international bicycle brand with bikes on top of custom backgrounds depicting different terrains.
Catalog ad by Specialized - designed via Socioh

Specialized also worked with Socioh to create a custom design that mapped not just the title and price of the product, but also the colors that were available. It almost feels like the shoe is ready to step out of the ad.

A dynamic ad template for an international sportswear brand with bike shoes on top of gradient backgrounds with price, name & variant info.
Catalog ad by Specialized - designed via Socioh

With Socioh, you can map the correct currency, category, product title, discount, and more onto each product in your dynamic ads.

A unique approach by Under Armour places a colored square under half the shoe in this stunning catalog ad. They further mapped the product name and BNPL price for each product to the template.

A dynamic ad template by sportswear brand Under Armour using custom backgrounds showing product name, price & BNPL offers
Catalog ad by Under Armour - designed via Socioh

<aqua-bar-text-block>Socioh automatically calculates the BNPL price for each product and maps it onto your catalog ad.<aqua-bar-text-block>

Once a customer buys Bath & Body Care brand 100 SENSES’s fragrant bath oils, they are hooked for life. But how could the brand convey the emotions evoked by its luxury fragrances in a dynamic ad? The solution was to replace the plain backgrounds of their bottles with vivid images of the natural sources of those fragrances like roses or lavender flowers. Add to this, actual product reviews, and we had a winner.

A dynamic ad by bed & bath brand with background-removed products on floral backgrounds with customer reviews.
Catalog ad by 100 SENSES - designed via Socioh

Sports brand Rugby Stuff subtly incorporated the 2nd product image in the ad’s background along with a contrasting dark panel. This innovative split-background design really grabbed attention in the product feed.

A dynamic catalog ad by rugby equipment brand with 2 images, one of them in the background. Shows cut-price and discount
Catalog ad by Rugby Stuff - designed via Socioh

Keskisen Kello chose a background-removed template with a black and red theme and mapped cut-prices for Black Friday. 

A dynamic catalog ad by watch brand using dark backgrounds behind product images with Black Friday messaging & cut price
Catalog ad by Keskisen Kello - designed via Socioh

While high-performance supplement brand Alpha Lion combined real customer reviews with striking dark backgrounds. 

A dynamic ad template for a nutrition brand with supplement bottles on top of textured backgrounds with customer reviews.
Catalog ad by Alpha Lion - designed via Socioh

They also experimented with a design that rotated different colored ‘flame’ elements to make the ad even more arresting.

A dynamic ad template for a nutrition brand with supplement bottles on top of grunge backgrounds with customer reviews.
Catalog ad by Alpha Lion - designed via Socioh

Create visually arresting catalog ads with rotating backgrounds

One way of creating visual interest is by including different elements or colors in each card of your carousel ad (like in the image above). 

<aqua-bar-text-block>Using Socioh, you can create multiple ‘variations’ for each catalog design, where each variation has a different background color, image, text, or element. The products in catalog ‘rotate’ through these variations to create visual differentiation.<aqua-bar-text-block> 

Rotating colors or elements make the ad visually more appealing, while rotating text is helpful for highlighting different quotes, messages, or brand promises.

The riding helmets, boots, or gloves offered by equestrian brand Just Riding were easy to overlook with plain white backgrounds. But rotating split-backgrounds in strong colors and the inclusion of their logo make for a thumb-stopping ad.

A dynamic ad template by equestrian brand with riding equipment on top of custom, two-tone grunge backgrounds.
Catalog ad by Just Riding - designed via Socioh

By adding rotating color and a ‘back in stock’ sticker to their product feed, Tengo Sport was able to radically improve the performance of their dynamic ads.

A dynamic ad template by sports equipment brand with rackets with backgrounds replaced with on-brand gradients & price
Catalog ad by Tengo Sports - designed via Socioh

Brodo Bone Broth chose to rotate quotes about their products by celebrities.

A dynamic ad by broth brand Brodo with reviews from known figures and background-removed products, with on-brand graphics.
Catalog ad by Brodo - designed via Socioh

Healthspan Vitamins created a gorgeous catalog rotating bright gradient backgrounds and also mapping each product’s key features to the product feed.

A dynamic ad template for a pharma brand with vitamins on top of custom gradients with unique selling points overlaid.
Catalog ad by Healthspan - designed via Socioh

Golfing brand Perfect Practice, wanted their Collegiate mats to stand out from their other products. They created 2 separate designs for their catalog - one for collegiate brands with vibrant, handpicked colors and the other for all their remaining mats.

A dynamic ad by golf accessory brand Perfect Practice with value props, removed backgrounds, product title, and cut price
Catalog ad by Perfect Practice - designed via Socioh

Interested in learning more about how to design thumb-stopping catalog ads for Meta? Book a no-obligation demo now.

Or check out more examples of dynamic ads by real brands.

is a digital advertising platform for eCommerce brands. Our Branded Catalog is the industry leader in dynamic catalog advertising and product feeds.

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