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Maximize your profits this Valentine’s Day with 3 proven Facebook ad campaigns

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Table of contents

The lull after the holiday season and New Year lasts only a month before Valentine’s Day celebrations kick in.

Let’s face it. Love is big business. And Valentine’s Day is a hugely commercialized occasion. As much as everyone wants to remove themselves from the cliches, they are also jumping on the bandwagon to get the best gifts for their loved ones.

The good news is that, unlike a decade ago, Valentine’s Day gifting isn’t only restricted to significant others anymore, but include family, friends, and even pets!

It’s the first big shopping event of the year, and the perfect time to introduce new collections and other product lines.

We’ve set up a roadmap of the main 3 Facebook ad campaigns you can run in the lead-up to V-Day.

What: Valentine’s Day ad campaigns work best for fashion, jewelry and lifestyle brands. Since Valentine’s celebrations primarily involve gifting, check if your products are suitable for that purpose.

When: You’re looking at a 5-week roadmap, starting from Jan 7 and running till Feb 10, approximately. This gives you enough time to get your last orders shipped and delivered by Feb 14.

How: Analyze your store and see whom you’re catering to. Based on your products, you can split your Facebook ads audience into male, female or otherwise, design catalogs, choose products and run campaigns based on gender appeal. This may not work for all stores, so we suggest you take time to understand the demographic that your products are most likely to bring in.

For instance, perfumes make great V-Day gifts. Promote them in Valentine's Day themed Facebook ad catalogs, couple it with a special coupon code, and you'll be good to go!

Valentine's Day Coupon Code catalog by Socioh
Terminology to be familiar with before you get down to the campaigns:
Cold audience: People who've had no interaction with your brand.
Warm audience: People who've had some interaction with your brand, but not recently.
Hot audience: People who've interacted with your brand in the last 30 days.
AOV: Average Order Value
LTV: Lifetime Value
ATC: Add to Cart
VC: View Content

Campaign 1: New Arrivals

Like we mentioned earlier, this works great at introducing any new collection you’ve brought in for the new year. However, you have to keep in mind that no matter what product you’re introducing, they have to be appropriate Valentine’s Day gifts.

For instance, if you run an apparel store, curate all products in the color red and create an exclusive new arrivals catalog.

Socioh Catalog for New Arrivals (Products in Red)

If you sell stationery and accessories, make a catalog of products that are commonly considered cute, or ones with appreciative messages on them.

Valentine's Day Catalog by Socioh

Note: You don’t necessarily have to have brand new products to run this, but it’s preferable to have products that you haven’t advertised generously before. If you don’t have any new Valentine-suitable product to advertise, you can skip this campaign and begin with the next one.

Audiences: Here we’ll be targeting past customers and visitors - ones who are already familiar with your brand.

Creative: Remember, this is your New Arrivals campaign but you have to ensure that the products you’re promoting work as Valentine’s Day buys - whether as gifts or for personal use. Design your ads template keeping in theme with the occasion. There’s no harm in going a little extra on the hearts and reds.

For the caption, emphasize FOMO (fear of missing out) as much as you can. Phrases like ‘limited period offer’, ‘stock running out’ work well in pushing the urgency.

Bonus: Socioh offers designed Valentine's Day special New Arrivals ad catalogs that can be automated or customized within minutes. Try now!
Valentine's Day New Arrivals Catalog by Socioh

Duration: Run this campaign between Jan 7th - Jan 21st. If it performs really well, you can run it for all 5 weeks.

Campaign 2: Bestsellers

For this campaign, highlight the products that you think people are more likely to be interested in as a Valentine’s special purchase. These can be both new arrivals and recommended items that you can tag as ‘Bestsellers’.

We suggest that you put in as many suitable products as you can find here as the more the products you include, the easier it will be for Facebook to optimize the campaign based on user behavior and purchase behavior. The fewer the number of products, the less optimized the campaigns will be.

Audience: Cast a wide net here. The more people the better. Make separate ad sets for retargeting and prospecting audience and run the campaign.

Creative: As we’d suggested earlier, here you can split the targeting with different kinds of gender-based creatives.

For instance, you can consider targeting men with catalogs of women’s products and women with catalogs of men’s products with opening tiles that say: Bestselling Valentine’s Gifts for your Woman or Bestselling Valentine’s Gifts for your Man, etc. (Note: This can be switched up if you're targeting the LGBTQ+ community.)

Aside from using occasion-themed catalogs, you should highlight the collection name on the creative itself. More importantly, if you're offering a discount, make sure that the discount is clearly stated on the graphic itself, so that your audience doesn't miss out on it.

Bonus: You can get pre-designed Valentine's Day ad catalogs highlighting Bestsellers right away. Save time and try now!
Valentine's Day Bestsellers Catalog by Socioh

Duration: The ideal time to run this campaign would be between Jan 15 - Feb 10.

Campaign 3: Flash Sale

Like Campaign 2, the products for this one should be closely aligned with the occasion. However, that shouldn't lessen the number of products you’re able to promote here.

For instance, if you’re selling electronics and electrical accessories, it doesn’t mean you have to sit it out. Lots of people gift electronic items and a lot more like receiving items like speakers and headphones as gifts. If you’re able to align the products your promote with the audience you are targeting, you can work with anything.

As earlier, make sure you have a wide range of products to help Facebook optimize your campaign better.

Audience: Once again, cast the net wide here and separate the ad sets for retargeting and prospecting traffic.

A good idea here would be to focus on store visitors from the last 30 days and exclude buyers from the last 7 days, in another ad set. Make sure you put in enough budget for this segment. This audience is most likely to convert since your brand is still fresh in their mind, but not saturated yet.

Creative: Your ad catalog graphic and caption should clearly announce the flash sale. It would help to put in the discounted amount or coupon code if any, as well. This is your 'hook', and it should grab eyeballs.

This is especially important to keep in mind for Instagram ads. Instagram's ad captions don't stand out and viewers are most likely to miss out on your offers if it's mentioned only in the caption. You only have seconds to grab your potential customer's attention, so it's essential that you announce any special deal or sale in the visual itself.

Create urgency in the caption. Phrases like 'Offer ends at midnight' or 'Offer valid till stock lasts' generate the fear of missing out and drive browsers towards purchase. Cash in on that.

Bonus: With Socioh's designed ad catalogs you can run Sale campaigns within minutes. Get it now!
Valentine's Day Flash Sale Catalogs by Socioh

Duration: Begin this campaign around February 5, and run till February 10, depending on your shipping logistics. You should have enough time to get your products delivered before February 14.

Post Valentine's Day

Did you specifically get products for this day that are now left over?

If you want to clear your inventory, hold a clearance sale.

Those who weren't interested in Valentine's Day products are more likely to pick up something on sale now.

What you waiting for? Get those campaigns up and running!

Want to up your Facebook ads game? Get Socioh for free now!

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