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Meta’s Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns: What’s Working in Summer 2023

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Table of contents

Meta’s Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns were probably the <blue-low-highlight>most talked about campaign setup in 2022<blue-low-highlight>.

Launched in the second half of 2022, this campaign quickly became performance marketers’ darling, with some advertisers even spending 80% of their total ad budget on this campaign alone.

However, others stayed away due to the lack of control over what you sell or the ability to add cost caps to these campaigns (we’re looking at you, Taylor Holiday).

In the past, we’ve talked about using 5-10 of your best-performing creatives across formats (image, video, carousel) in these campaigns. While that structure is recommended by Facebook and continues to work for some accounts, others are seeing that the dynamic creatives (the catalog ads) in such campaigns corner all the ad spend.

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So what should you do? How can you make the most of Meta’s Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns now?

Here is a roundup of our <blue-low-highlight>updated learnings for ASC in May 2023<blue-low-highlight>:

1. <blue-low-highlight>Creative-specific ASC<blue-low-highlight>: In this setup, we’re breaking our Adv+ campaigns into creative-specific campaigns. Why? Meta tends to be too quick to identify ads with a higher CTR/engagement and then spends a disproportionate amount of the campaign budget these. As a result, we’re often seeing catalog ads spend most of the campaign budget if we mix creative formats. 

To counter this, we’re trying the following:

  • running 2 or 3 different ASC campaigns in bigger accounts, 
  • testing catalogs with and without lead cards against each other in the same campaign, and 
  • Testing video or single images against other similar ads in other campaigns. 

The idea is to test which messaging works best so have a mix of messaging no matter which creative type the campaign is focused on. 

See how to optimize your catalog ads with real examples from top brands.

2. <blue-low-highlight>ASC for sales and promotions<blue-low-highlight>: Create a separate Adv+ campaign for your sales and promotions. The idea is to have an exclusive ASC for your sale event, so you’re not adding your sales creative to existing ASC campaigns (where the new creatives may or may not spend). 

The advantage here is that since this campaign learns quickly, it can get your offer to your audience sooner than other campaigns. 

3. <blue-low-highlight>Category specific ASC<blue-low-highlight>: one way to organize ASC is to mix all creatives promoting a specific category into their own ASC. This way, the best creatives for that category get the spend. 

This is useful if you have a number of product verticals. For example, if you’re a sports store, you could have separate ASCs promoting your top product categories like yoga, cycling, tennis, golf, swimming, etc.

4. <blue-low-highlight>The all-in ASC<blue-low-highlight>: In this campaign, we’re going with Meta’s recommendation to use our top-performing creatives across formats. But here we’re going all in, with up to 15 different creatives across images, videos, manual carousels, etc..

For creatives here, test a mix of 3-5 UGC, 2-3 social proof, 2-3 PR, 4-5 Q&A, and 5-6 info-based (not sales-focused) ads across formats. You’ll need the resources to keep iterating on creatives to run this campaign successfully. 

NOTE: Most advertisers recommend adding your top-performing ads from other campaigns (such as Socioh’s creative tester) to the Adv+ campaign. However, since ASCs tend to have their own learning curve, we recommend leaving them running in the original campaigns so long as they bring results.

<blog-blue-text-block>IMPORTANT: Make sure you define your existing customers at the account level. In all campaigns, we are defining the existing budget cap at up to 10% to encourage Meta to spend on prospecting for new customers. <blog-blue-text-block>

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