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Must-Have Ad Creatives For Christmas 2022

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Table of contents

Hope you had the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday and raked in tons of cash! 

While the biggest sale season of the year just ended, people haven’t stopped buying just yet – because Christmas is right around the corner. 

People are still looking for that perfect gift to give their friends and family. You’re probably looking to get something special too. 

So if you aren’t already running Christmas ads, this is the right moment to capitalize on this demand. It gives you enough time to dispatch your orders too.

You can run limited-time sales or discounted gift bundles both at the Top of the Funnel (TOF) and the Bottom of the Funnel (BOF) to cover all your bases.

While it may seem like it’s a bit late to run Christmas ads, 62% of US customers get gifts a week before Christmas – so you still have time!

In this article, we’ll look at some ad examples to inspire you and get the best out of this holiday season. 

Starting off with your feed-based ads.

Beautify your Catalog Ads

The fastest way to push your Christmas offers to your customers and new people alike is by changing your catalog designs to include a bit of that Christmas cheer. 

Here are some of our newly launched template designs to give you some inspiration (or use directly).

Background removed with fixed discount

  • The snowflakes & sparkles add to the feeling of winter and the reds keep your ads stark, eye-catching, and on-brand for Christmas.
  • Works best with clean product shots with their backgrounds removed.
  • Change the messaging on this design from “Up to 70% Off” to whatever fits best for your store, for eg. “30% Off on Gift Hampers”, “Buy 2 Get 1” or any other.

Minimal cut-price for sale collection

  • Keep it simple with a clean sale template showing only the cut-price and Christmas Sale messaging.
  • Works best with secondary lifestyle images but you can use product images too.
  • Want to add a bit more of a Christmas feel to it?
    Search for “Christmas” in Socioh’s design editor and add any pre-made sticker or asset you like. You can even upload your own to keep it on-brand.

Customer reviews with best sellers

  • Customer reviews are a great way to connect with your customers emotionally. A powerful review is often more convincing than anything you could say about your products.
  • Add a sticker or a badge to emphasize any discounts or specific deals you’re running for this product collection.
  • This design best works with secondary lifestyle images but you can use background-removed product images as well.

Socioh automatically pulls in reviews from Stamped.io, Junip, Yotpo, and Judge.me.

Don’t see your review app here? Upload a CSV file of your reviews and you’ll be good to go too! 

Learn more about the Branded Catalog here.

BONUS - Smart Switch Tips & Tricks for Christmas & New Year Sales

Seeing the same ads over and over gets boring for your audience.
Do it for over 2 weeks, and it causes creative fatigue. 

Not just that, once Christmas ends, it’s time to change the message in all your ads and you’ve got all this ad performance data that you don’t want to lose by making a new one!

Fret not, for Smart Switch is here to keep your learnings safe AND change your designs.

  • Set it and forget it
    Schedule design changes for End of Year Sales and New Year Sales to keep your messaging focused, and your ads optimized.
  • Loving more than 1 design?
    Eliminate creative fatigue with Smart Loop which rotates through the designs every 2 days, or 5 days, or even daily!
    The choice is yours, the work is ours. 
  • Will this design work? Or will that one?
    A/B test your way to the perfect creative for your DPA. All in minutes, with no learnings lost. 

Learn more about Smart Switch on our landing page. Also, check out this quick demo of the Smart Loop.

We’ve talked about Dynamic product ads and catalogs but these aren’t the only creatives you can run (or even should run) for your campaigns.

A high-quality video shoot or a powerful poster alongside a striking DPA can be the perfect combination of ad creatives to kickstart your holiday ads revenue. 

We’ve collected some of the coolest ads below:

Best of Image Ads for the Holidays

Brilliant Earth

See ad: https://socioh.com/ads-library/brilliant-earth-ad-3

Sustainable, compassionate and inclusive jewelry. Brilliant Earth maintains the beauty of its rings in this elegant ad.

  • The product is front and center in this wintery product shot.
  • “Order now for holiday delivery” messaging instills urgency to avoid the holiday shipment rush.
  • Simple and elegant - no graphic element is used in this ad, only typography.

RTIC Outdoors

See ad: https://socioh.com/ads-library/rtic-outdoors-ad-1

Planning a trip or going camping with your family this holiday season? RTIC has you covered with its variety of outdoor products – at their best prices.

  • You won’t miss their deal – the ad boldly highlights their offers in the grid below.
  • Uses different shades of red to catch your eye and differentiate between the offers.
  • The lifestyle image uses Christmas decorations to give a holiday feeling.

The Bouqs Company

See ad: https://socioh.com/ads-library/the-bouqs-company-ad-1

Everyone loves a beautiful bouquet of flowers! The Bouqs Co has got just the deal for you when you visit your friends and family this holiday season.

  • You won’t miss the “25% Off” in your feed - tastefully eye-catching.
  • Close-up lifestyle image of a bouquet of red flowers in the background tells you it’s a florist at a glance.
  • “You’re invited” text makes the ad feel exclusive and tailored to the viewer.

Looking for more inspiration? Check out our ads library of 1000s of curated D2C ads.

Best of Video Ads for the Holidays


See ad: https://socioh.com/ads-library/allbirds-ad-5

Gifts for him. Gifts for her. Allbirds have gifts for everyone, and for everyday use.

  • Bright, colorful, and upbeat – keeps viewers engaged with quick cuts and cute graphics.
  • Captures human connection by using real people having a good time.
  • Ends with a slideshow of shoes to showcase a variety of styles.

Kopari Beauty

See ad: https://socioh.com/ads-library/kopari-beauty-ad-1

We love a good UGC ad. And this is a great one from Kopari beauty giving you some last-minute gifting ideas with their popular products.

  • Screen capture of the website shows their holiday deals in an instant.
  • Highlights skin concern-specific benefits of two of their popular products.
  • Voice-over mentions “over 30,000 5-star reviews” which builds trust. 


See ad: https://socioh.com/ads-library/bombas-ad-3

Bombas are here to remind you to stuff your stocking with socks. Nothing like cute and quirky prints to bring winters to life.

  • “For stock stuffing… or for snowy hikes”, etc. highlights the versatility of their socks.
  • Vibrant, quick cuts of their products in different scenarios keeps the video engaging.
  • Ends with a slick animation of their logo which is visually appealing.

Phew, we’ve covered a fair bit in this article but for good reason. Carpe diem and don’t miss out on valuable year-end revenue. Time to get your ads off the couch!

If you’ve read this, we have more amazing content for you. 

Subscribe to our weekly newsletter for the best in ads, eCom hacks, and more. 

Want to know more about Socioh? Check out our homepage or drop us a line if you need help! 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Onto a bigger and better 2024.

is a digital advertising platform for eCommerce brands. Our Branded Catalog is the industry leader in dynamic catalog advertising and product feeds.

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