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Top Ad Creatives You Need for Valentine's Day 2023

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Table of contents

Still glowing from the cheer of the holiday season? We know we are! 

But we’re knee-deep into January and it’s time to get back into the groove – lucky Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.

Valentine’s day is the fifth largest spending event in the US and last year’s predictions suggested that shoppers spent about $175 per person on gifts!

You’d be crazy to skip this insanely profitable start to the year. It’s like Black Friday for candy, clothing, flowers, accessories, and so much more.

That means you need to up your game with Instagram posts, TikTok reels, emails, sms… and just as crucially, advertising!

In this article, we’ll look at some ad creatives that you should be running to get the best out of this season of love.

Looking for campaign suggestions too?

Check out the BEST Valentine’s Ad campaign strategy — don’t miss out! Run these ads NOW in a few easy clicks.

Let’s start off with your Dynamic Products Ads or DPAs.

Make your Catalogs Irresistible

The fastest way to promote your Valentine’s offers, to both your existing and potential customers, is by changing your catalog design. You can do it all without losing any learnings!

This year we’ve designed some fantastic catalog ad templates for your DPAs and DABA campaigns: 

Customer reviews with the most popular collection

  • Customer reviews are one of the best ways to connect with your customers emotionally and become that much more impactful during gifting seasons, like Valentine’s Day.

  • Match the reviews to the occasion by changing/editing your product reviews with positive gifting testimonials.
    This works great for both the Top of the funnel (TOF) and the Bottom of the funnel (BOF).

  • Works best with lifestyle images and your best-selling categories.

Socioh automatically pulls in reviews from Stamped.io, Junip, Yotpo, and Judge.me.

Don’t see your review app here? Upload a CSV file of your reviews and you’ll be good to go too!

Check it out.

Minimal design for a sale collection

  • Keep it simple with a sticker, cut price, and Valentine’s Day sale messaging.
  • Works best with lifestyle images (you can do this in one-click on Socioh).
  • Want to add a loving touch to the design?
    Search for “Valentine’s Day” in Socioh’s designer and add any pre-made stickers to spruce up your design. You can even upload your own assets to keep it on-brand. 

Select lifetsyle images from your stoer, uploads, or your Dropbox account.

Check out how Branded Catalogs are a game-changer.

Background removed with discount

  • The pink & heart-patterned background is sweet.

  • This template works best with background removed images for products like shoes, watches, jewelry, etc.

  • Running a coupon code instead? Edit the text in the template to add your coupon code or any additional offer.

<blog-blue-text-block>Want to transform your product feed in just a few clicks? Learn more about the Branded Catalog here.<blog-blue-text-block>

BONUS - Smart Switch Tips & Tricks for Valentine’s, Spring & Summer

Seeing the same ads over and over gets boring for your audience. Not just that, when it’s time to change the messaging in all your ads, you’ll lose all your performance data.

Don’t be a victim to creative fatigue and poor performance.
Use Socioh’s Smart Switch to keep your learnings safe AND change your designs automatically.

  • Set it and forget it
    Schedule design changes for Valentine’s Day, the Spring season, and Easter to keep your messaging focused, and your ads optimized.
  • Loving more than 1 design?
    Eliminate creative fatigue with Smart Loop which rotates through the designs every 2 days, or 5 days, or even daily!
    The choice is yours, the work is ours. 
  • Will this design work? Or will that one?
    A/B test your way to the perfect creative for your DPA. All in minutes, with no learnings lost. 

Learn more about Smart Switch on our landing page, or check out this quick demo of the Smart Loop.

We’ve talked about Dynamic product ads and catalogs but they aren’t the only creatives you can run (or even should run) for your campaigns.

Best D2C Ads for Valentine’s Day

A high-quality video shoot or an iconic poster design alongside a striking DPA can be the perfect combination of ad creatives to start your year profitably. 

Here are some of our favorite Valentine’s Day ads this week:

Pooch & Mutt

See full ad: https://socioh.com/ads-library/pooch-mutt-ad-1

Pooch & Mutt is here with nutritious foods for your pets so they can lead happy, healthy lives. 

  • A cute pun never goes amiss especially so for Valentine’s Day.
  • Adorable photography to make you go “Aww!”.
  • Clearly highlights the discount “20% Off” in a circular badge.


See full ad: https://socioh.com/ads-library/mejuri-ad-5

Mejuri keeps it elegant and refined in this ad, just like their gorgeous bracelets.

  • The product is front and center in this close-up lifestyle shot of a bracelet.
  • “Bracelets they’ll love now and forever” helps connect with the audience.
  • Neat and graceful – no graphic element is used in this ad, only typography.


See full ad: https://socioh.com/ads-library/solios-ad-3

Solios are here with stylish solar watches that will help him make a statement, and you get some brownie points (and maybe some actual brownies too).

  • Multiple images in a collage style show off the variety of products & what comes in the box.
  • A fashionable lifestyle shot shows the watch in its best light.
  • “We know what he likes” – short and attractive copy that entices the audience to click.

Tieks by Gavrieli

See full ad: https://socioh.com/ads-library/tieks-by-gavrieli-ad-1

Tieks are reinventing the ballet flat. This is about Rogue, the flats perfect for a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner, and dance.

  • Beautiful, detailed video shots of the flat show off the red suede fabric.
  • Jazzy trumpets that will make you want to groove – the music choice is excellent.
  • The video ends with the brand logo to improve brand awareness and recall.
Running out of ideas?

Check out 14 of the most delightful ad creatives from the biggest brands to get inspired.

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Onto a bigger and better 2024. 

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