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Need inspiration for your creatives? Steal from the best ads of Q2, 2022

Apple's ATT (App Tracking Transparency) has launched with iOS 14.5 and it's changing how Facebook ads work!
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Table of contents

With iOS 14 changes and the resulting data loss, eCommerce advertisers are now having to go back to the basics.

The loss in intent data on platforms like Facebook has meant that brands can no longer rely on Facebook’s hyper-targeted audience algorithms alone.

With broader audiences (here’s a BOF strategy that has worked for us), there’s been a return to the drawing board when it comes to testing creatives that appeal to a wider audience and is relevant to more people than earlier.

But this is easier said than done. What does it take to create a winning creative and how can you design a creative that tells your brand story in an engaging way?

Lucky for you, we’ve got inspiration right at hand. Here’s a roundup of the best ads we featured in the second quarter of 2022. 

1. <low-highlight>Knowing your audience is your biggest asset<low-highlight>. But good product shots are not far behind!

Brand: Brilliant Earth

Category: Jewelry/Watches

Format: Video


Whether you’ve already seen their wedding bands or this is the first time you’re in the market for them, the visuals and copy provide a powerful hook that’s as relatable as it is easy to remember - they have the perfect wedding band to stack with your engagement ring. 

Even though it’s only 8 seconds long and uses only high-quality product shots, the unexpected movement in the ad is hard to miss. The subdued color palette and emotionally relevant copy allow the jewelry to be the focus and speak directly to the target audience. 

2. Have a well-established brand identity? Amazing! Add <low-highlight>a product showcase and a touch of FOMO<low-highlight> for a winning combination. 

Brand: Allbirds

Category: Footwear

Format: Video

Caption: A versatile flat for your everyday escapades. Free shipping & free returns.

Headline: Meet the Allbirds Tree Breezers


In this video, Allbirds uses its brand recognizability and its association to focus on the key message - their new collection.

The video showcases all the color variations in a collection in 8 seconds. The on-point copy on the visual and in the headline create FOMO. Finally, the ad caption and description stress wearability and comfort, their key brand messages.

3. If you <low-highlight>solve a real, identifiable problem for your shoppers<low-highlight>, even the simplest and low-cost creative solution works!

Brand: Casper

Category: Mattress

Format: Video

Caption: Because it’s “sweet” dreams, not “sweat” dreams.

Headline: Now you can sleep cooler all through the night.


UGH. SO. Relatable. Designed to run in the summer, everything about the ad speaks to a real pain point. Especially since you’re likely to see the ad when you should be asleep instead.😭 

The super-lean creative keeps the attention on the message, while the text format underlines familiarity. After all, we’ve all been there  — texting our besties when we can’t sleep! The message is so clear, we felt the ad didn’t even need a headline!

4. We all know nothing sells like fear. <low-highlight>Address your audience’s fears<low-highlight> and you’ll have a winning format you can replicate across creatives. 

Brand: Lovevery 

Category: Children’s Toys

Format: Video

Caption: 1 simple tip that all toddler-parents should know 👏

Headline: Discover Intentional Play with The Play Kits


A new parent is always looking for the best learning tips and tools for their child. This ad combines both, effectively leveraging FOMO to get parents to click on it. Once in, the short video feels more like you’re hearing from another parent (and professional), keeping you hooked. 

And the beauty of it all? The Play Kit is barely advertised, but there’s actually no way to miss it! Amazing? We thought so!

5. <low-highlight>Use video to paint a picture and solve an everyday problem<low-highlight> and you’ve got a win that may find a lot more takers than you expected!

Brand: Away 

Category: Luggage

Format: Video

Caption: It’s almost like we’ve moved through an airport before

Headline: Bags with sleeves that slide over suitcases


Few ads convey quite as much even in 30 seconds as this Away ad does in just seven! Using bright-colored mix-n-match tiles, it showcases different sleeve styles that fit perfectly over a cabin-sized suitcase. 

The headline copy is simple and repeated within the ad, making it impossible to miss. As for the caption, it’s snark done deliciously right. What makes it work is that it manages to paint a picture AND capture a real pain point  — the frustration of trying to tow our handbags or backpacks on top of our cabin luggage - and failing!

6. <low-highlight>Address pain points right up top<low-highlight>  — your shoppers will watch your videos till the end. REALLY!


Category: Cosmetics

Format: Video

Caption: What The Foundation is unlike any foundation you’ve tried. 

Not heavy, cakey, or dry. WTF is light and moisturizing, and barely noticeable so every day can be a great skin day.

Headline: What The…Foundation


The ad tackles the biggest problem with make-up right away — a foundation that is heavy, cakey, or dry.

This caption copy is repeated in the first half of the video to reinforce the solution, after which we see women with different skin shades using the product. The almost ‘raw’, or unedited feel of the video makes it look authentic. It feels like snippets of user reviews put together, adding trust. Finally, the last screen leaves their shoppers with a clear call to action (CTA)  — click through to the website to “Find your shade”.

7. Don't be afriad to <low-highlight>explore new, niche verticals with influencer marketing<low-highlight>. Who knows, this may soon be your best demographic!

Brand: Kizik

Category: Footwear

Format: Video


The ad targets a niche audience  — moms who always have their hands full and need stable but hands-free shoes. 

By narrowing down its audience, the ad is able to solve a real problem. Using ‘real people’ or relatable influencers with real-life problems makes the ad even more effective. 

A quick note on the format. Here again, the brand knows its audience and where they’re at and doesn’t try to do something for everyone. The creative is made only for story placement - no captions, no headlines, but the subtitles on each screen make the USP impossible to miss.

Now that’s a brand that means business.

8. Know your target audience well? Now <low-highlight>experiment with an aesthetic that speaks to your audience<low-highlight>. You'll hit marketing gold!

Brand: Death Wish Coffee

Category: Beverage

Format: Video


Not everyone’s cuppa, perhaps, but this brand knows its target audience - serious coffee junkies nostalgic about their Death Metal days.

The ad uses a dark background, and bold, high-contrast lettering to stand out in a white feed, pulling the focus to the product. And don't miss the last screen, which includes a product showcase to great effect. Goes to show how you don’t need a pro-grade set up to create good ads - good product shots, bold, high-contrast text, and speaking to your customers will go a long way.

9. <low-highlight>Confused over messaging? Focus on a specific product<low-highlight> (as opposed to an entire collection) and viola, you are actually talking to your audience. P.S. Add bold text to highlight your key messages!

Brand: Faherty Brand

Category: Apparel

Format: Video

Caption:  Totally versatile and always comfortable, the bestselling Arlie Day Pant goes everywhere. Getting dressed has never been easier

Headline: The Arlie Day Pant


Focusing on just one product, the ad sticks to the basics - great visuals and bold, minimal text. A product showcase in the opening and closing shots shows off the color variants while the text highlights key brand values  — comfortable, cool clothing for everyday wear.

The short video highlights movement, even as it showcases the product on two very different body shapes. Relaxed sets and natural light make the video look effortless, almost as if it’s user-generated content. 

The caption and headline reinforce the text overlay on the video  — the focus is on a cool, wearable summer staple that can be worn over and over.

10. Do not be afraid to narrow down your audience and put it up top. Remember, <low-highlight>if you’re speaking to everyone, you’re speaking to no one<low-highlight>. 

Brand: Seed

Category: Health & Wellness

Format: Video

Caption: Introducing PDS-08™: a 9-strain probiotic + prebiotic developed for kids to deliver benefits in gastrointestinal health, gut barrier integrity, gut immune function, dermatological health, and respiratory health.

Headline: Made for Kids. Made by Science.


The video keeps it simple. It addresses a fear — “parenting isn’t an exact science” to provide a novel gut-health solution for kids. Targeted at the parent who is always looking to improve their child’s health, the video clearly identifies its audience — the label reading, ingredient-checking parent who wants better health for their child. 

The video focuses on the product. The only visual used shows off their clean and functional packaging (used to deliver exact pre-and-probiotic doses for every day of the week). The green product on green background allow the ad to bring all focus on the white text which does just one thing - speak to the decision maker.

And the ad caption and heading stress the key message — probiotics is an exact science, one that the brand knows well.

11. <low-highlight>ASMR works<low-highlight>. Combining ASMR with objection busting? Pure genius.

Brand: Olipop

Category:  Food & Beverage

Format: Video

Caption: Does your soda channel goodness? Say hi to OLIPOP. 2-5g of sugar, 9g of fiber, and prebiotics for a healthy gut.

Headline: A Groovy Kind of Cola


What’s more satisfying that the sight and sound of a chilled can of soda over ice in the summer? Now imagine being told that it is good for you! If you like soda, of course, you’ll want to know more! Not only is Olipop’s video eye-catching and a visual and auditory journey, but it also addresses the biggest concern of soda drinkers right up top.

Here’s "a new kind of soda" that is actually healthy. The caption centers on the key message, and the 15-second video is easy to watch. It showcases the product and highlights its health benefits in the time it takes to fetch a can of soda and pour it over ice. 

If you’re a soda drinker, you’ll want to reach for this can!

12. Want a winning formula for a broad audience? <low-highlight>Keep your audience hooked just long enough to watch the next 2 seconds of your ad<low-highlight> - and voila!

Brand: Corkcicle

Category: Drinkware

Format: Video

Caption: Keep your drinks cool wherever the season takes you. Shop our staples now. ☀️

Headline: Free Returns & Shipping Over $49


Busy morning person? Chances are, with this opening line, a lot of people are going to stop to look - from parents rushing their kids off to school, to university students, or anyone who has to get to a job! 

With bold, easy-to-read text laid over footage that showcases the features highlighted, this 15-second video uses a classic formula - keep the audience hooked just long enough to watch the next frame of the ad - and viola! 15 seconds are gone before you know it. 

And the best part? A format like this does not get old. It works just as well as an introductory video for new prospects or one that reinforces use-cases for retagreted shoppers - perfect for the broader targeting advertisers are now having to work with!

And with this video, it’s a wrap! Want more? Subscribe to our newsletter to get a weekly ad breakdown in your inbox or follow us on Twitter!

Or access thousands of ads for inspiration in our ads library. Psst, it’s updated daily and it is completely FREE!

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